July 2010 - Road Trip to North Carolina

Amie and Jared's Wedding
Salisbury, NC

On the Road



Entering Alabama

Lobby of Country Inn & Suites, Tuscaloosa, AL
(we loved this place)

Birmingham, AL

Entering Georgia

Flowers outside a quickie mart somewhere in Georgia

North Carolina

Entering Tennessee


Bridge from Tennessee into Arkansas

One of many pit stops on the road

The Wedding

Amie, Jared, Myrtis, Lucretia
at party the night before the wedding

Myrtis, Donny, and Jodie
parents and sister of the bride

Bubbles instead of rice

The bride's family
(Dave is last row 2nd from left)

Donny and Myrtis on the dance floor

Margie, Mytris, and Lucretia (Myrtis' sister)

The Best Man (Jared's brother Travis) toasts the bride and groom

The Maid of Honor (Amie's sister Jodie) toasts the bride and groom

The bride dances with her father

Jodie and boyfriend Dylan

The wedding cake
(bales of hay - get it?)

The bride and groom cut the cake

The Trent-Trexler Plantation

Arriving at Lucretia's

Lucretia's house

Jodie's house

Amie & Jared's house

Trexler house (Myrtis & Donny)

Trexler barn

Trexler tractor

Jodie's dog

The Trexlers have some beautiful black cows, but we can't find the photos we took.
I hated to leave them out, so here's a reasonable facsimile ...

Here's a billboard we saw on the way to Lucretia's house. Dave thought it was amusing.

Memphis, TN

Living Room

Dining Room

Billiard Room

"Jungle" Room

Horses in the corrals

Elvis' private jet

Gold/platinum records
(the room used to be a racquetball court)

More gold/platinum records
(same room)

Bill Clinton's Birthplace
(Hope, Arkansas )

Small museum with rug from the Oval office

House where Bill lived his early years (0-4)

Inside the house


Downtown Dallas

Dealey Plaza
(where JFK assassination took place)

Book depository building
The shots came from 6th floor window (upper right in the photo).
The entire 6th floor is now a museum.

Cowboys Stadium
(this is actually in Arlington, TX)

Some nice Crape Myrtles in NC



the winner

~~ The End ~~